Essential Kayaking types of equipment To Not Leave Behind

Kayaking has evolved from being a means of fishing and hunting to one of the most renowned recreational activities. It’s a low-intensity kind of sport that entails moving on a tiny boat as you paddle the waters on both sides through what is called stroking ( It can either be a high-end sports activity that entails racing or a low-level cruising across the waters as you explore the shallow waters.

It’s also not just an activity for the pros; even beginners can enjoy it with guidance and tips ( Other outdoor activities like swimming, fishing, camping, and skiing can be incorporated with kayaking. Let’s explore the most important kayaking equipment:

1. Kayak

As the name suggests, it’s the vessel that you sit on as you traverse the waters. Without one, then kayaking is just but a word.

2. Paddles

These are the sticks that are used to push the waters behind to facilitate the movement of the kayak forwards. You need two paddles for the job.

3. Life Jacket

When immersing yourself in water activity, taking precautions is paramount. Accidents may occur, which makes a life jacket important kayaking equipment.

4. Helmet

You want to have your head secured. You never know when you may get hit.

5. Waterproof shoes

Shoes are an important aspect of any sporting activity. Having them waterproof will make sure that you are comfortable as you go along, enjoying the view and scenery. The shoes should also have a good grip and traction.

6. Water Resistant Attire

For you to enjoy your trip down the stream, you need to be comfortable. You may have water splashing on you, and water-resistant clothes could help work the trick.

Also, having a bag that is waterproof will go a long way in protecting any valuables that you may be carrying when you go canoeing. You may also consider safety goggles to protect your eyes from splashes and for proper vision.